[UI CSS bug] More options overlapped by Chat

When both Chat & Participants panel are opened and the window is resized small enough, the sub option list from the ‘More’ options over a participant on Participants panel is overlapped by the Chat panel, hidden part of the options.

The sub options list from ‘More’ are hidden by the Chat pannel

Which version?

To Reproduce(If applicable)

  1. Reduce your browser frame small enough so that both Chat and Participants panel are displayed vertically within the same original window
  2. Open both Participants & Chat pannels
  3. On Participant panel, as host, click on ‘More’ options over another participant to show the sub options list
  4. The list is half (or more depending on window size) truncated due to Chat panel overlapping it



Additional context

  • Browser: Chrome latest version

Hey @nvivot,

Thanks for pointing this out—I’ll be happy to raise this with our team. Just to be sure—you haven’t altered any of the default CSS, have you?


We do to hide few options, however i don’t think it’s the cause as this can be reproduced in your sample application.

Thanks for the confirmation @nvivot — we are looking into this. (ZOOM-202411).


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