Zoom Web SDK Chat option showing even when disabled

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We have disabled Chat option completely at all levels, including Account,Group and Individual user level. When we join the meeting using meeting SDK in component view, the “Chat” icon does not appear at the bottom (PFA) which is expected. But if we click on “Participants” icon and click on “more” button, we are able to chat there. We are not able to send any messages, however this option should be not visible to “hosts” and participants. Please see below for host and Participant views.
Is there a way we can disable the Chat option here.

Host View:

Participant View:

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Hi @saikiran694
Thanks for reaching out to us!
Have you been able to replicate this issue with our sample app?

Let me know if you can replicate ethis with the sample app

@saikiran694 will fix 3.1, id ZOOM-638882

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