Unable to add scopes: [billing_plan:read:admin]

I am using the server-to-server oauth App and generate the account_id, client_id and client_secret and gettig the the oauth token by using this endpoint https://zoom.us/oauth/token
I want to get the user license information. For that I found the endpoint
=> accounts/:accountId/billing

When I hit this endpoint with valid token, API respond with following message

“message”: “Invalid access token, does not contain scopes: [billing_plan:read:admin].”

I try to find from where I can add the [billing_plan:read:admin] scope in my settings but fails to find that.

Please let me know how I can fix that issue and get the details of use licesnce (including their start and expiry date ).

Any help would be appreciable.


Hi @Waleed-Afzal
Thanks for reaching out to us
Can you please confirm if you have a master account license?
To be able to access these endpoints: Zoom Meeting Master API

you will have to hold a Master Account license: Master Account API

Thanks for your response.

I have a user with one pro license but I think it’s not a master account. right?

if yes,
than I just want to get the user license details means their license start and expiry date.

Please let me know any endpoint where I can get this data.


The pro license is not a master account license.
So you won’t be able to access the endpoint you are referring to.
With the license you have, you can call the endpoint Get a user and you will be able to see what’s the users’ plan type

yes, you’re right but from users endpoint I just get the user type means it is basic user or licensed.
But I want to get the start and expiry date also.

Kindly let me know any endpoint where I get the required data while using the current plan.


Unfortunately, we do not have an endpoint that will allow you to get that data if you do not have a master account license.
You could probably try the Get billing reports endpoint and see if this endpoint provides you what you are looking for

I appreciate your prompt responses.

I’ve checked the Get billing reports endpoint, and unfortunately, it’s not working for me. The response I received is { code: 200, message: ‘No permission’ }.

Could you please guide me on how to apply for a Master API License and provide information regarding the associated cost?

To be honest, I don’t believe I need to purchase a Master API license just for license details. If possible, could you direct me to a similar data source available through a different API?

Thank you.

Hi @Waleed-Afzal
Are you the account owner or admin of the account?
If not, please ask the admin or owner to give your user role permissions to access reports.
If you are using a server to server oauth app you can refer to this post:

To get a Master Account license, you would have to reach out to our sales team here:

Unfortunately there is not an endpoint that you can use to get this information

I am using the account owner scopes and credentials for generating the token and make request with the given endpoint

The only other thing that I am thinking about is if you are trying to call the Get billing reports endpoint, it looks like you might need to contact Zoom support team to grant you access to this endpoint


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