Unable to connect to the remote server when downloading recording

We use a web hook to record phone call information in our database as it happens.

When we receive a phone.recording_completed, we request the recording with the provided url.
example: https://zoom.us/v2/phone/recording/download/ch0IaBGaRViPK_XrSxxxxx

Yesterday (5/31/2022) we started getting periodic “Unable to connect to the remote server” messages when trying to grab the recording. At that point, another attempt a few minutes later would usually work.

Today@ 8am, all recording requests are failing with the same message. I can get on the box making the requests, and it has no issues connecting in a browser. Tried from multiple servers with the same issue.

Update @ 10am, most are working but we’re back to occasional failures. Secondary requests are mostly successful.

Any ideas?


Hi @dribar

Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum, I am happy to help here!
Are you still experiencing this issues?

Yes. I see many other forum posts with similar and the same issue. It’s beyond just me.

We made things better last week by whitelisting www.zoom.us in our SonicWall firewall geo-ip filter. This made it mostly better but we still experience it from us trying to grab the recording, or from your webhook trying to do a post. It’s a bi-directional issue which leads me to you guys moving your servers around (virtually with AWS).

Have you found any correlation between similar issues others are having to help you understand it might be something you guys did?

Our software ran perfectly since January and started having problems 10 days ago with zero changes on our end.

Any ideas or thoughts to add?

Ah thanks for sharing more details with me @dribar
Allow me do some research and I will come back to you with an update shortly
Thank you very much,

Just a quick end of day update. We had 44 webhook pushes today and only one error on phone.callee_ringing. This is abnormally low traffic for us but still valid data.

thanks @dribar
could you please open up a ticket with support here:

Add a link to this post and direct the ticket to me.
In that ticket could you please add the accountID or email associated to the account that is having this issue?
Thanks a lot

It was already done >> Your request (#14492631) has been updated.

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Thanks @dribar I will take a look at the issue there

We had almost a 100% error rate this morning, so the problem has not gone away. I did notice a new IP address posting:

Any chance you could describe the IP address ranges of the machines that post webhooks? They are NOT called out specifically on your firewall setup pages. If we had that list, we could white list them and probably resolve this problem.

Just a thought.


Hey @dribar

Thanks for sharing this and sorry for the late reply, I just saw that you were being helped in the private ticket.
Are you still experiencing this issue?

Not an issue at this point. We will be in full production in another week with a lot more calls so we will see how things go.

Thanks for the follow up


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Thats good to hear!
Feel free to reach out to us once you are in production and if you are facing any outstanding issues.

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