Unable to create a JWT app

I am trying to create a JWT App to get keys for Moodle Zoom plugin but the button is greyed out and I get this message:

Developer privilege is required.
Please contact your account admin.

I’ve made some search and found this thread here: Developer privileges

I have contacted the person who gave me access to the platform and he told me that those are the only credential he have. He have no “superior” user credentials of any sort.

How can we get those?

Hi @anciliguria,

To access your account’s API Key and Secret, you first need developer privileges granted to you from the Account Owner or Admin on your account. You will need to reach out to them directly to have them grant you these privileges.

They can follow the steps below to do so—you may want to forward them these instructions.

Steps to grant your member this privilege:

  1. Navigate to the User Management section of your Zoom.us account
  2. Click Edit to the right of the user
  3. From the popup, select the User Role dropdown and apply a role to the user that contains the Zoom for Developers privilege

If your account doesn’t have a role for this yet, you can create one by following these steps (before steps 1-3 above):

  1. Navigate to the Role Management section of your Zoom.us account

  2. Click Add Role on the upper right hand side of your screen, name the role and continue through the popup

  3. Scroll down to Advanced Features and select check the boxes on Zoom for Developers:

  4. Hit Save Changes and proceed to the first steps above for User Management.

Once you have this privilege, you should be able to access the Zoom Marketplace without an issue. You can then view your JWT App credentials by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Zoom Marketplace while logged in to the account that is associated with the JWT app
  2. Once logged in, click on your JWT App from the Manage page
  3. From your App’s page, click on the App Credentials tab.​

I hope this helps!


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Thank you, Will.
I’ll try to understand who created the account so to ask them to upgrade it with developer privileges.

Sounds good, glad I could help point you in the right direction :slight_smile:

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