Unable to create recurring Meeting


I am unable to  create recurring daily Meeting, I am receiving error code 300 with message. “Invalid recurrence parameter: type”. What is that meaning ?


Recursion Josn:

{“type”:“1”,“weekly_days”:null,“monthly_day”:null,“monthly_week”:null,“monthly_week_day”:null,“end_times”:null,“end_date_time”:“6/24/2017 12:00:00 AM”,“repeat_interval”:“2”}

Hi Chadan,


You’ll want to pass type “8” for recurring meetings. https://zoom.github.io/api/#create-a-meeting

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Hello Joshua,

I have already passed 8 with main parameter ‘type’.   But when going to create recurrence type meeting and passing values as mentioned i am getting that error.


example :
"type": Recurrence Meeting Type. 1 means Daily, 2 means Weekly, 3 means Monthly.



So, can any one share any example or give me any hint why this is throwing error ?

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If it is a daily meeting, repeat_interval should be 1 and end_times should be set to how many times you want it to repeat (max 50)


Give that a shot.

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Sorry Chandan,


Let me play with this more and get you a good answer.

Thanks Joshua,

I am not understand why it throwing this error when i am following same parameter as mentioned and values too. Without recurring it’s working fine but my requirement to create meeting with  recurrence. 

what does your request json look like?

I was able to create using the following:

 api\_key: 'xxx',
 api\_secret: 'xxx',
 host\_id: 'xxx',
 topic: 'Daily Meeting',
 type: 8,
 start\_time: '2017-06-13T15:00:00Z',
 duration: 30,
 timezone: 'America/Los\_Angeles',
 recurrence: {
 type: 1,
 repeat\_interval: 1,
 weekly\_days: "2,3,4,5,6"



If i have created recurring meeting , 
is it create multiple meetings id or what? Can you explain the process of create recurrence 

**JSON, still getting same error.** 

eeting and share some information ?


  • “api_key”:“xxx”,
  • “api_secret”:“xxxxxxx”,
  • “host_id”:“xxxxx”,
  • “topic”:“Video Session”,
  • “start_time”:“6/24/2017 12:15:00 AM”,
  • “type”:“8”,
  • “recurrence”:{
    • “type”:“1”,
    • “weekly_days”:null,
    • “monthly_day”:null,
    • “monthly_week”:null,
    • “monthly_week_day”:null,
    • “end_times”:null,
    • “end_date_time”:“6/27/2017 12:00:00 AM”,
    • “repeat_interval”:“1”
  • “duration”:“00:15:00”,
  • “timezone”:“Asia/Kolkata”,
  • “password”:"*****",
  • “option_audio”:“both”


I’m creating a recurring meeting, but I’m only getting one ocurrence and I’m using this parameters: 





recurrence: {






Hi Juan, 

Make sure you use quotes around recurrence. I was able to generate a recurring meeting with the below JSON. 

“topic”: “Test reccuring meeting”,
“type”: 8,
“start_time”: “2018-09-12T14:00:00Z”,
“agenda”: “To test recurring meeting”,
“recurrence”: {