Unable to create webhooks only App

I am trying to create a webhook only app, essentially I just want to capture an event if an incoming phone occurs, I want to get details about the person calling… However I am unable to create as the button to create is disabled. Do I need a specific permission for t his?

Hi @hhernandez_dev0 ,

Thank you for posting in the forum with this question. To better assist you, could you tell me what browser you’re using, and what version?

Hi Rehema,

I am using Chrome 104.0.5112.102

Got it, thank you, @hhernandez_dev0 ! What may be happening is your account that’s being used is not set up as an Admin account. I’ve attached our ‘role management’ article, which outlines the step to setup the account as such and gain access to the three greyed out options.


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I am now and admin and i can create a webhook only app now.