Webhooks across different accounts over time

This is kind of a weird one. Having recently discovered webhook-only apps, I have created some event-loggers under one single login, but for different accounts over the past couple of months. It’s a little hard to explain, but tl;dr is that a webhook I just created is receiving NO events at all, even in the app-marketplace call log.

I have this one user login, which I let organizations bring into their own account infrastructures as an additional admin for the duration of running an event, and then detach it back to personal status in between. So here’s the flow of what’s happened:

I associated my user with business-tier account A, and built a webhook. That worked great.

I detached from account A, leaving that webhook in place as it was at admin level, so it could still deliver events to an external log even after I personally was not an admin for them anymore.

I built a webhook for myself while in the personal/basic status, just to see if I could, and that worked too – just noting when my own meetings started/stopped, etc.

I then had the user invited to event account B, and became an admin within that infrastructure. I built another webhook similar to that for account A. In that, NO events are being delivered even though I subscribed for quite a few and everything looks good on the app-builder site. But nothing delivered via the net, and nothing in the call logs.

What did I miss?? Why are no events triggering?

Interestingly, the created webhook actually began working and sending events about a day afterward, just all by itself. I don’t know if Zoom support was involved at all, or if the backend finally figured it out.

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