Unable to end meeting after ending call


I am using zoom web sdk component view and i am unable to end the meeting after clicking on call drop icon in red color. When am clicking the icon all the features are provided in the bottom gone disable and occuring a small cancel button in bottom right corner. Please let me know how can i make this functionality work.

Which Web Meeting SDK version?
I am using version 2.4.0.


  1. You can see the red call drop icon in the screenshot below and after clicking it all features gone disable.

Device (please complete the following information):

  • Device: Lenovo thinkpad
  • OS: Linux
  • Browser: crome

Hi @amaheshwari , thanks for reporting this. As we work to reproduce this, if you inspect the page does it look like those expected elements are rendering with styling issues or are the elements not rendering?

Now you can see in the screenshot that when i click the red icon and tried to drag the meeting window in that case the end meeting button or leave meeting button appears behind the zoom meeting window. So now what can i do to handle this situation or how to make buttons apperas on the top of the element.

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