Unable to hear participants audio on zoom web sdk

I have integrated zoom web SDK in my react web app. The issue I am facing is that the participant’s voice is not audible to the host and other participants when the user joins from the web portal.

Client Web SDK version I am using:
@zoomus/websdk : 1.9.0


  • Browser: Chrome , Safari
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Hi piyushkothari2304

Thank you for your post.
According to your information it seems that you are including Safari.
Since we do not yet support audio for Safari on “Meetings”, please be aware of your browser type.

*also see under “Browser Support”: https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/sdk/native-sdks/web

Also can you compare the results between our sample whether it can be reproducible?
Can you provide the meeting ids along with time and date when it happened?
Can you provide the browser type including versions?
Is it reproducible every-time?


Thanks for the response.

Yes, I am able to reproduce the issue every time. Please find the meeting details below:

Date: 5th March 2020
Meeting IDs:
988 2063 6891
923 0540 2847
981 4766 1587
976 3498 1421
953 1953 2811

Browser version: Chrome - Version 89.0.4389.72

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Thank you piyushkothari2304.

Since you stated that the issue can be reproduced everytime, can you simply try our sample (downloadable from Marketplace) on to your environment to compare whether you will have the same issue?

After verifying above and still not able to figure, then please attached your code where you implemented our WebSDK client and send it over by an email to developersupport@zoom.us so we can take a closer look.


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