Unable to initialize Zoom Webinar even though logged in as Host

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I’m using Component in the repo: GitHub - zoom/meetingsdk-web-sample: Zoom Meeting SDK web sample
to launch Webinar Zoom. I have access as 1 host but I cannot start it. May I ask what am I missing?
Thank you in advance.

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could you share the javascript code snippet and jwt token?
Which version of the SDK are you currently using?

Hi @chunsiong.tan

  • Thank you for your reply.
  • Currently I am using meeting sdk version 2.11.5. But I seem to be missing “ZAK” in webinar. Can you help me how to make “ZAK”?
  • And I am using ClientId and ClientSecret not JWT. Or am I required to create a JWT?


So here are some thing which you need to follow to start a webinar as a host

  1. Get your host’s zak token by calling the REST API. You will need a Server-to-server OAuth app type to call this API

  2. Create a Meeting SDK App type, if you have not already done so.

  3. Use the Client ID and Client Secret in Meeting SDK App type to create a JWT token.
    JWT Token is NOT JWT App Type

  4. Make sure the JWT token created in step 3 has

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