Unable to integrate my web-application into Zoom Web SDK

I am trying to integrate Zoom Web SDK within my Speech-to-Text recognition web application
which currently is being run on plain Javasacript alongwith HTML .
On referring the entire documentation for using the Web-based SDK , I tried mapping the
same onto my exisiting JS project , as what I want is once the user enters a meeting , the
speech-to-text translation html file should be called , wherein once the user says something ,
the translation will happen to a particular language in real-time.

Not able to embed / call my html file after entering details of “Name” & “Meeting ID” and
being logged in into the meeting session , once the application is run from the terminal

Which version?
IDE I am using - Visual Studio Code
Browser that I am using to render the same - Chrome

Hey @alricmendonsa, thanks for posting and using Zoom!

Can you please share the error message in the browser console and screenshots of what is happening please?


Hello @tommy
As you can see above , I am not getting an error as such , because my primary motive of the user being able to join the meeting is being satisfied.
I just need to know whether the Web SDK has the functionality for supporting speech-to-text integration , and if it does , how can I call my HTML file which includes JS to render once the user enters a meeting .
I tried inspecting the page and going through the console as well , but I am not able to find a solution out of this .
Please help me on this .

Hey @alricmendonsa,

I see. If I understand correctly, you could have your code overlay the SDK to render, or share a screen that you want your users to see.

Checkout my post here on getting speech:


Hey @tommy
Thanks for the suggestion u had mentioned earlier.

As per the 3PlayMedia app that I went through in the link that was shared by you , and I found out that the app only transcribes your current Speech through video / microphone to that same language itself (the options are quite limited) , but in text form.

The thing which I am looking for is real-time Speech-to-text translation (for e.g. English to Spanish and vice versa ) to take place once the user is logged in into a Zoom Meeting.
My application is ready , the only thing is I want it to be integrated with Zoom Web SDK.

Is there a way to do this ?

For better understanding , I shall be sharing the screenshot of the application in a private message with you.

Hey @alricmendonsa,

Thanks for the details. Currently there is not a way to do this easily.

Although we are working to make this possible. Checkout our upcoming Instant SDK which gives you access to audio streams:



Hey @tommy ,

Thanks for the letting me know about the same.

Since my query was related to web-based application , is there any way to make it work with a Windows Desktop application based on C# instead ?

Hey @alricmendonsa,

Take a look through our Desktop SDKs here: https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/sdk/native-sdks/preface/introducing-zoom-sdk