Unable to integrate zoom meeting sdk in an app


I tried integrating the Zoom Meeting SDK (for Windows) into a new project by following the steps specified on the page Integrate with your app (zoom.us).
I checked that everything was working properly by running the SDK initialization code (exactly the same on the page Set up and initialize (zoom.us)) but the executions failed and I got these errors:

- error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol CreateAuthService
- error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol InitSDK

I have little experience with both visual studio and c++.

Further information

  • v5.15.5.19455
  • IDE: Visual studio community 2022
  • Programming language: C++
  • Device: [e.g. Dell XPS 15]
  • OS: [Windows 11]

I was able to solve the problem. Firstly, I replaced the paths that began with …<h or lib or bin> with the correct folder locations (in my case $(SolutionDir)<h or lib or bin>). Secondly, I went into the project configuration properties and I made these two changes:
1- Linker → General → Additional Library Directories → Add the path to the lib folder.
2- Linker → Input → Additional Dependencies → Add sdk.lib.

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