Unable to join the meeting if I join before the host

Hi Zoom team,

We are experiencing issue with SDK and that same problem can be observed in your sample. When user joins before the host and ends up in the waiting room while waiting for host to join he actually gets stuck there as SDK won’t connect to the call even when host joins later on.

SDK version that we use & sample that we tested on: v5.5.1.1319

Devices on which we observed an issue:

  • Nokia 7 Plus, Android 10
  • Samsung Galaxy S21, Android 11

Reproduction steps:

On first Android device:

  • Download latest Zoom app from Google Play store
  • Login with your user
  • Setup personal meeting such that: “Require meeting passcode” - on, passcode - default value, “Enable waiting room” - on, “Only allow authenticated users” - Off, “Host video On” - On, “Participan video on” - On, “Allow join before host” - On (or Off, doesn’t really matters in both cases will be reproduced), “Automatically record meeting” - “Off”, “Approve or block entry for users from specific countries” - None.

On your SDK sample code make following changes:

  • In InitAuthSDKHelper.java, in initSDK method change:
//initParams.jwtToken = SDK_JWTTOKEN;
initParams.appKey = "ommited code";
initParams.appSecret = "ommited code";
  • In AndroidManifest.xml remove comments for MyWaitJoinActivity so that for JoinBeforeHost action will work.
<activity android:name="us.zoom.sdksample.otherfeatures.MyWaitJoinActivity"
  android:theme="@style/ZMTheme.MainWindow" >
        <action android:name="us.zoom.sdkexample.intent.action.JoinBeforeHost" />
        <category android:name="android.intent.category.DEFAULT" />
  • Run sample app on second device

  • In the sample app type in the personal meeting number from the first device

  • Type in any name

  • Join meeting via the sample app

  • Type in the password for the meeting and click OK

  • You will see waiting screen (as one in the screenshot)

  • When you are in the waiting room join the meeting as a host on the first device

  • User in the sample app will be stuck and will never join the call although the host is there

Expected result: User should join after the host starts the meeting

I can send you as well log from the logcat as I can’t attach it here.

Hi @aleksandar.simic, thanks for using the dev forum.

I have been able to reproduce the issue you are describing, however it does not appear to be specific to the SDK. If you download the Zoom app and use it in place of the SDK’s sample app, the same behavior is present. Since this is not an issue specific to the implementation, I would recommend going through our general support page.


Hi @jon.lieblich ,

Although it is easy to assume that as a simplest solution that is not really the case. I just downloaded Zoom app on two Android devices and this is not happening, although Zoom’s servers need a minute or two to sync the status. Please find video recording here (it is 280MB): Zoom SDK issue.mp4 - Google Drive

We also did further testing and this is not happening with the v5.4.3.613 SDK, so issue is only reproducable with the latest two SDKs.

Best regards,

Hi @aleksandar.simic,

Thanks for pointing that out. It turns out that you are correct and it just takes a bit of time for the client to get notified of the host joining. Now after taking the same approach with the two latest SDK versions (ending in 1317 and 1319), I am also seeing the correct behavior after a similar delay.

Are you able to reproduce this 100% of the time across various devices and Android versions? I am wondering if it is intermittent or device-specific.


Hi @jon.lieblich ,

If you take a look at the first post you’ll see that it happens on both of our devices that have different Android OS levels, and so far it happened 100% of the time. We tried waiting even for few minutes after host joins the call but other participants are never let into the room.

Hi @aleksandar.simic,

I am now able to reproduce the issue. It appears to be something specific to the implementation in our sample app, but I will let you know as soon as we have identified a fix.


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