Unable to notify on host side when new user joined the zoom meeting

My question is when any host started a new meeting & If any participant trying to join that meeting then host is not getting notify in the participant section that this particular participant trying to join in your meeting.

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Initiate any meeting from host side.
  2. Then try to join it from participant side.
  3. Then host didn’t get notify when new participant get join in my application.

For Host Side: I have used ZAK token to join.
For Participant Side: I have used meeting id.

Hi @teachmesetup, thanks for using Zoom.

Are you using the Zoom client, or have you integrated our iOS SDK into your own app?


I have used Zoom SDK into our app.

Hi @teachmesetup,

Thanks for confirming. You can use the onSinkMeetingUserJoin callback to determine when a participant joins the current meeting.


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