Unable to pin the host and cannot see gallery view in zoom web SDK

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Unable to pin host/video etc of a particular user.
Also cannot see the gallery view of users.

Both of these options are there in zoom official web client.
How to enable these features in Meeting Sdk Web client view

Browser Console Error

Which Web Meeting SDK version?

Meeting SDK Code Snippets
I am using client view
There is no particular snippet code but i saw that defaultView option was added, so i tried it -

import { ZoomMtg } from "@zoomus/websdk";

    defaultView: "gallery",  // <------ this
    disableInvite: true,
    debug: true

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infos to enable gallery view → Implementing Cross-Origin Isolation


which one should i prefer

Cross-Origin Isolated
Credentialless headers



this is Chrome only

Cross-Origin Isolated

it works for Chrome + Firefox and perhaps later for other browser

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