Unable to receive in meeting chat notifications. Cannot see the meeting.chat_message_sent

I see at least two other posts regarding this, but I see there haven’t been any solutions posted. I am trying to capture meeting chat message events, but as this API developer doc says, I can’t find the “meeting.chat_message_sent” in the meetings events type.

Also, how would I Have Zoom enable the DLP for in-meeting chat feature to use this webhook ?

I have the pro plan. Also, please see the gif I’ve added where I show you the events that are actually available. Nothing in there corresponds to the meeting.chat_message_sent event originally referenced.


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@apil.tamang Have you found any solution for this? I’m also facing the same issue with Zoom Marketplace App and Webhook.

Hi @constantine and @apil.tamang
Sorry for the late reply here!
Feel free to reach out to our support team here so they can help you enabling the DLP for in-meeting chat feature so you can use this webhook.



Hi @elisa.zoom,

We got the DLP enabled for our app. We can now receive “messages sent” from Teams chat on our webhook url.

However we are trying to get the “messages sent” from inMeeting Chat using our Zoom Marketplace App.

But in Meeting section of the scopes tab, I don’t see any scope for “meeting.chat_message_sent” which is required as per the zoom documentation at

Please see the image attached below.

Where can we add the scope “meeting.chat_message_sent” for our Zoom Marketplace app?


The “meeting.chat_message_sent” is not a scope, it is an event.
You will find it in the Feature tab, under the event subscriptions feature.

I apologise for the confusion.

Thanks a lot for the quick reply.

What we are trying to do is read the in-Meeting chat messages via webhooks which is configured through our Zoom App.

Going from the docs, the following are the prerequisites:

  • Have Zoom enable the DLP for in-meeting chat feature to use this webhook.
  • Event Subscriptions must be enabled for your Marketplace app with the following configurations:
  • The In-meeting chat message received subscription enabled under the Meeting event category.

Here are the steps we have taken so far:

  1. We created a Zoom App.
  2. We got DLP enabled.
  3. We have set up event subscriptions for:
    • Start Meeting
    • End Meeting
    • Meeting has been created
    • Chat Message Sent
  4. Validated our webhook url.

(We are receiving Meeting’s create, start, end events and Team Chat’s sent message event in our webhook but not the In-Meeting Chat’s sent message event)

We figured that we must be doing something wrong and went to the docs again. One thing we didn’t do was enabling In-meeting chat message received subscription as specified in the doc.

So my question is where can we enable the In-meeting chat message received subscription?

I don’t see it in the Meeting event category section.

I’m new to the Zoom ecosystem.
And I really appreciate your help.


Thanks for sharing more details with me @constantine
I will send you a private message so you can share more details with me

Just sharing the solution here!
Please make sure to reach out to our Support Team to have them enable the DLP in your application.
Once that’s done, make sure to ask for this event to be enabled for your app (sharing name of your app and client ID of the app)

Can we get the content of in-meeting “received messages” using this webhook? or just our own sent messages.

Hi @salna.butt17
This thread is closed, could you please open up a new one topic and I will take it from there

Sure, here it is.

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