Get events for chat message received for in-meeting chat

I want to get events for chat messages “received” in a meeting in real time.
Can ‘Meeting.chat_message_sent’ webhook catch received messages from other users.
Is there some other way to do it in real time.
Secondly, does the chat_message_sent event refer to in-meet chat only? I,m asking this because we donot get any chat message event in the ‘meeting’ section when we subscribe to events.


Hi @salna.butt17
Yes, the meeting.chat_message_sent will allow you to receive messages while the meeting is live, so yes this refers to in-meeting chat only.

If you want to receive in meeting messages, you will have to reach out to support to enable the DLP in your account and also to enable the event to the app you are working with.

Hi @elisa.zoom
Cool. So basically I want to create an app that can get in-meet messages from other users to me in real time.
Firstly , should I create an app of type ‘zoom app’ , ‘teamchat app’ or some other type?
Secondly, should the app be published in order to use this event?
Lastly, how long will it take to enable this event on my app?


Hi @salna.butt17
For your first question, it depends on what you are trying to achieve, if you want to have an in-meeting experience where you can launch and use your app while the meeting is live, then a Zoom App will fit your needs, if you are just trying to capture events then you can use webhook only app, if you want to capture events but also make API calls to other endpoints withe the app, then an OAuth app will do it, it depends on what you need to do.

For your second question, I do not think the app need s to be published to use this event.
And lastly, I do not have a time frame on how long it takes to enable this event, since this is done by the support team.

Hope this helps,

Hi Elisa,

I had a similar request on this. To get DLP enabled do I need a different plan type for my Zoom account?

Is there a resource I can refer to for what I need to fill in as part of my Support Ticket?

Jay Park

Hi @jay8
Thanks for reaching out and welcome to our community
I do not know what plan type you will need to get the DLP enabled, but when you reach out to support, they will be able to help you

I do know, that this must be an account-level app, so make sure to share the email associated with your account, the name of the app, and the client ID of your app so they can help you enable it

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