Unable to record zoom meet using apis and query about meetingsdk


I am reaching out to report an issue we are experiencing with Zoom recording functionality, specifically with the provided payload settings. Here are the details of the problem we’re encountering:


data: {
topic: “Meet”,
type: “2”,
settings: {
host_video: true,
participant_video: true,
join_before_host: true,
auto_recording: “cloud”,

Issue: Despite configuring the payload with auto-recording set to "cloud", our Zoom meetings are not recording automatically, neither on local nor on the cloud. We're unsure whether this requires additional setup or if there are limitations associated with our current plan.


1. Do we require a Pro plan to enable automatic recording of meetings, both locally and on the cloud?
2. Is the Meeting SDK the appropriate solution for resolving this issue? Will users be able to join meetings without authentication through the Meeting SDK?
3. Can we resolve this issue using Zoom APIs, considering our entire setup relies heavily on APIs?

Thanks a lot in advance.

@jatalegbe do you already have a paid cloud recording plan?