Unable to request authotization code for OAuth App

We have created an OAuth App which we need to integrate with Salesforce to get Recorded meeting (which is included in scope).


-When we run this through Salesforce Apex, we receive 401 Status Code in response.
-When we run this through Postman, we are shown to the Zoom Sign In Page.

Looking at Postman, Seems like we need to first provide Zoom user login details.

  1. But how can we provide Zoom user credential in that API call?

  2. Another issue we noticed is our app status is always “Ready to install”, even after clicking on Install, it shows the redirection page and thats it. Isnt it supposed to be changed to activated.

Hey @zoomsfdc,

If you are using the OAuth flow, you need to have a Zoom user install the App to start the process. Check out our OAuth docs here.

Depending on your use case, you could use a JWT App Token to get the cloud recordings, instead of using the OAuth flow. Or even a Webhook app.

This will remain the state, unless you publish the App.