Consuming REST APIs

We planning to utilize your Rest APIs to enlist, create and fetch recordings for the meeting in our ServiceNow platform. The ServiceNow platform already has functionality to configure OAuth.
We have created a Test app from Zoom market place. Generated Client ID and Client Secret ID along with we provided our local Authentication redirect URL.
When we are trying to fetch the access token, we need to grant access to the Zoom app. We are facing below error

" You cannot authorize the app

This app cannot be installed outside of the developer’s account. Please contact the application developer to get support with installing this application."

We have attached the screenshot.
Please let us know in case we need to configure something else.
The Zoom Dev account -
App created (in draft) - Z Zoom.

In case we need to publish this app to generate the access token, what should we need to do?


Hey Amit,

Can you reply with your type of app? It looks something like this under the app name.


In short, you can only share your local version of the app (the url generated from the green install button) with other people on your zoom account.


Once I know what type of app you are building I can give you a more specific answer.


Thank you Tommy for your reply.
Now I have different issue.

My new Zoom account is -
Zoom app is - New Zoom
App type is - Account level app

Now after setting up OAuth set up, we received refresh token. But while fetching - GET
We receive below error

{“code”:4700,“message”:“Invalid access token, does not contain scopes: [user:write:admin, user:read:admin]”}

My app has all these scopes, please see the snapshot

Please help/guide.


Hi @z.zoom.zoom.zoom.zoo,

Can you please send us a support request @ ?