Unable to Retrieve API Key and Secret for JWT


I am trying to integrate an on-prem tool to Zoom for auto creating and scheduling meeting based on trouble ticket information but I am stuck on a very first step to get API KEY and SECRET.

I searched the documentation and they all pointed to go to MARKETPLACE-> MANAGE-> CREATE APPS-> Get key from Developer.zoom.api app but unfortunately my create app bucket is empty.

I am new to zoom development and might have missed something important.



Hi @shubham.verma,

No worries, if its not under created apps then you can create a new JWT app to get your API Key/Secret. To do that on marketplace main page go to build apps. From there

  1. Type in your app name,
  2. Unselect the option to Intend to publish this app on Zoom Marketplace,
  3. Choose Account-Level app
  4. Select JWT API Credentials


Let us know if this helps!