Unable to see survey with zoom meeting sdk

When I create a survey in zoom for a user to answer when the meeting ends, it doesn’t show in the meeting SDK. Is this functionality available with ZoomMtg or do I have to use web hooks to listen for the meeting to end and then send the user to a 3rd party link?



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Which Meeting SDK Platform?

Which Meeting SDK version?

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@donte.zoom Hey! Just out of curiosity, is it even possible to see surveys via the zoom meeting sdk (i.e ZoomMtg )?

Which Meeting SDK Platform?
I’m not sure what you mean by this. I’m using ZoomMtg if that helps

Which Meeting SDK version?
@zoom/meetingsdk”: “^3.1.6”,

Exact Steps To reproduce:
git clone meetingsdk-sample-react
Supply everything for a user to start/join a meeting (i.e signature, zak token,…)
Start the meeting in one browser
Join the meeting in another browser
End meeting

IDE (Integrated Development Environment) Console stack trace logs:
I’m not seeing any when the meeting ends

Unable to upload

I was able to solve the issue by taking the survey link in the zoom portal and adding it to the leaveurl property in the meeting sdk. But I still have a dilemma. I want access to survey link that zoom utilizes when I programmatically update a survey via the meeting api (i.e update survey). How can I gain access to this link?

@devontae ,

After updating the survey, you should be able to retrieve the link through the “get survey” link. Have you attempted this workflow?

  1. Make an update request via the Meeting Survey Update API: Zoom Meeting API

  2. Retrieve the survey link from the response and dynamically change the link:
    Zoom Meeting API


According to your docs, the get survey endpoint doesn’t supply a survey link. And neither does the update survey endpoint. The only workaround I’ve found is to take the link created by a meeting initiated via the zoom portal and place that in the leaveUrl (meeting SDK). But this is manual and I need a dynamic programmatic solution.

Is there a workaround to this issue?

Below is a screenshot of what postman returns me after calling get survey on an updated survey. No survey link is provided.


Yeah, it seems like there’s no API that can give us the survey link. I totally agree with you on this and believe it would be a great addition. Could you give me some more details about how you plan to use this feature and why it’s so important to your project/business? Once I have this information, I’ll pass it on to the right teams internally with relevant teams for consideration in future plans.

@donte.zoom The project/business goal was to give doctors the ability to create survey’s (and update survey’s if necessary) for their patients after a video chat had ended. This would happen programmatically via a web app. In order to accomplish the desired result, I would need a survey link to be available when a survey was created in the meeting api (Zoom doesn’t offer this endpoint) or when it was updated to use in the meeting SDK. Right now, I’m limited to a manual process:

  1. Create a survey in Zoom
  2. Copy and paste said link into meeting SDK via a property called leaveUrl.

The problem with this process is it can create tedious admin work if there are multiple survey’s and constant updates to said survey’s. A full programmatic solution were a developer could create a survey, via a post request, with a survey link in the response body so it could be saved in a database, would be the ideal situation for my use case.

Thanks for your help and time @donte.zoom

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