Unable to submit app for marketplace approval

I am unable to submit my application to marketplace and need urgent help. Even though I have attached images to the app icon section it still gives the error saying the app icon missing

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Can someone please help me? I need to understand this so that I can submit my developer app for marketplace approval in order to use it in my personal application and allow other users using my application to schedule meeting

@elisa.zoom could you please help me with it? You were guiding me on another account of mine which is @iamaish2012 but the app that I want to submit for marketplace review is from this account.

Hi! @camohealthdev
I have replied to an internal ticket about this issue

@elisa.zoom this is the account I am facing the issue with. I have added 6 pictures to the app icon section yet am unable to submit my app.

Hi @camohealthdev
Could you please make sure that the pictures that you are adding meet the requirements from the Marketplace?
Screen Shot 2022-04-18 at 2.42.43 PM

Actually, I have attached the files as per the size specifications as well. That’s when it’s allowing me to attach them but showing the error while submitting the app.

@elisa.zoom could you please help me with it? and i am unable to attach my screenshots here. This is my project and I need support for this as I am trying to get a solution for over a week now.

Hi @camohealthdev
Could you please send an email to developersupport@zoom.us with a link to this thread and I will make sure to take it from there.
Make sure to add the name of your app, client ID and the email associated with your account so I can debug this issue further.

Hi @elisa.zoom could you please guide me on what should be put in the Your domain address field and incase I add a particular domain address now can I edit the detail later and also can I edit any of the details later like Redirect URL for OAuth, Add allow lists, Links, Direct landing URL, Endpoint URL?

@elisa.zoom I wanted to understand, on sending a request to Update zoom meeting API from my java controller, will the previous meeting link get disabled? or will it still be working?

hey @iamaish2012 the meeting link will still be working after you update :slight_smile:

Hi @camohealthdev
Once your app is approved and published in the Marketplace you can make updates to you metadata and re submit to the marketplace

@elisa.zoom also for doing an api call to delete meeting endpoint, will that result in complete destroy of the meeting url? or how does it exactly work? please guide.

Hey @iamaish2012 feel free to open up a new topic since this is not related to the issue :slightly_smiling_face:

Is your problem still exists?

If this problem still exists, you can go here.

You can visit here to get guidence.