Issue with app not getting approval from Zoom

We have submitted our app to the marketplace for approval from Zoom. However, the app keeps getting disapproved / needs more updates. We cannot figure out the mandatory Zoom requirements that are needed for any app to gain their approval. It would be best if we could get some hints for the same.

You can refer to our app on the following link:



When we send your submission back for updates we provide notes if you click notes from the reviewer you will see the things we pointed out for you to correct. Are you unable to see that?

Regards, Kwaku

Yes, I saw those notes, made the corrections and resubmitted the app. But every time I get the same notes. I believe that a specific note would bring more clarity as to what exactly needs to be updated or changed. I am attaching the review notes I received below. We would like to know the reason for app disapproval through more specific and clear notes.

  1. Missing Requirements

Thank you for submitting your app for review to be included in the Zoom Marketplace. Unfortunately, we cannot approve your request due to issues with the app in its current state. We noticed a significant number of outstanding issues with your submission which prevent us from functionally testing your app. This includes access to a test environment where your Production-Ready app is present, user documentation, and a test plan. When resubmitting, please limit your scope request to the minimum number of scopes necessary. Please check out this App Submission Checklist prior to next submission for review: Your Next Steps: Please complete the submission checklist and take a moment to look through the requirements provided. Check out the requirement headers for each item in the submission process. When all requirements have been met, please resubmit for a review.

  1. Minimum Scoping

Please ensure you are utilizing the minimum number of scopes required to provide services the integration claims to serve. ‘View and Manage’ scopes take precedence and negate the need to include ‘View’ scopes unless notifications and webhooks require them specifically. If this is the case, please provide more detail, otherwise please remove them. For example, if you requested the ‘VIEW AND MANAGE your meetings’ scope and the ‘VIEW your meetings’ scope, please only use the ‘VIEW AND MANAGE your meetings’ scope since it should serve the purposes you’re trying to achieve with both scopes. Therefore, please delete all “VIEW” scopes and keep all “VIEW AND MANAGE” scopes only.

  1. Corrections

We are still missing critical corrections. Please reply with comments to each Review note and make adjustments where necessary to your submission. If you have any questions, please review our submission checklist and ask any questions you have as a response to these notes.