Unable to understand requirements needed for zoom app publishing

Hello Team,

I have sent a request to publish my Zoom app. I have filled in all the information but got an update request saying these things are missing or inappropriate “access to a test environment where your Production-Ready app is present, user documentation, and a test plan” as I have added both documentation URL and credentials for testing.
Can you please explain how these above things going to work from your side? And also which type of information do you need exactly in the above scenario?

We are developing a web application for educational purposes where students can take admission for a particular course in any organization. We require this Zoom functionality to create a meeting through Angular and .NET core web applications by authorizing my app.
Can you please help me with how should I overcome this issue?

Would it be possible to schedule a meeting with you to discuss our requirements in detail and leverage your expertise for a more effective solution?

Thank you.

Thank you for your post, please request a meeting when you resubmit your integration.

Also when your submission is sent back to you for updates we do provide notes to resolve all the issues that are called. A test plan to test the integration if one was not provided then you need to provide one, if the link provided for your documentation URL does not include install, usage, and removal instructions then it is insufficient. For the production-ready app issue I would need more information so, please request that from your reviewer when you request the meeting.