Unable to update the status of a meeting

The API Endpoint : https://api.zoom.us/meetings/87614233177/end

The error :- 405 Method Not Allowed

I am executing the api endpoint https://api.zoom.us/meetings/87614233177/end in Postman . It is a PUT request . Here 87614233177 is the meeting number but I get a response 405 Method Not Allowed,

I have meeting:write scope access as I could create a meeting but unable to update the status.
Let me know what could be causing this.

Do you have correct access token to post that request?

Hi @bmalik ,

You need to send the action in an object in the request body. In your example above, you put “end” in the URL and have an empty request body.

Please see the docs: Zoom Meeting API

I made the changes as suggested by you but the result is still the same

What can be done now?

yes the access token is correct

I could finally resolve the issue . The api endpoint URL should have been :-1:

and not


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Great glad it’s resolved!