Zoom Meeting API update not working

API Endpoint(s) and/or Zoom API Event(s)

Link the API endpoint(s) and/orZoom API Event(s) you’re working with to help give context.

I have a web app that creates meetings using Zoom Meeting API successfully. I’m trying to update these using the update API, but meetings are not being updated.

There is no error, I get a 204 response status code, which seems to be the correct status code, however, the meeting is not getting updated.

This is the JSON I’m sending after the login process:

{“start_time”:“2023-02-14T22:15Z”,“timezone”:“America/Mexico_City”,“agenda”:“verificar título profesional”,“topic”:“Entrevista JOSELINE AVELINO AVELINO”,“settings”:{“auto_recording”:“cloud”}}

I’ve tried to send it without the auto_recording info, but the result is the same (successful code, but no changes made)

I’ve also tried sending the date without the last “Z”, just in case, but that didn’t help either.

How To Reproduce
Try to update a single meeting, sending the same parameters (start_time, timezone, agenda, topic and auto_recording) I’m sending these parameters since these are the only ones I want to update.

Steps to reproduce the behavior:
1. Request URL / Headers (without credentials or sensitive info like emails, uuid, etc.) / Body

.header(Authorization, Bearer + zoom_token)
.header(content-type, application/json)
.method(PATCH, BodyPublishers.ofString(jsonRequest))

2. Authentication method or app type
zoom token using API key and secret key

3. Any errors
No error are thrown, but the meeting is not getting updated.

@sergiomn Hope you will be fine.

Here is the session regarding → Update a meeting (Zoom REST API).

Thanks for your reply. I watched the video but it didn’t help much (also I’m using java).

I know that the authentication I’m doing is fine, otherwise I would get some sort of exception/error, right? and it’s the same one I use for creating meetings, which works fine.

My problem is that I’m getting a 204 status code, which means the operation was successful, but the meeting is not being updated.

Is there something wrong with this json?

{“start_time”:“2023-02-14T22:15Z”,“timezone”:“America/Mexico_City”,“agenda”:“verificar título profesional”,“topic”:“Entrevista JOSELINE AVELINO AVELINO”,“settings”:{“auto_recording”:“cloud”}}

Am I missing something?


The start_time field was wrong!!

2023-02-14T22:15Z should be 2023-02-14T22:15:00Z