Unable to validate the domain before submit

We are having trouble validating the domain.
Some of the domains we entered cannot have txt or html records added by the development team.
We would appreciate it if you could DM us to help resolve this issue. Please note that our timezone is JST, so we may not be able to respond immediately.

Hello,@yukine.hasegawa.eh is the App you are referring to a Legacy Submission or General because they have multiple options for the General App type domain validation?

Regards, Kwaku

We are planning to submit a Legacy type Meeting SDK app.
We do not intend to convert this app to General type because the conversion process and the associated verification would delay the 1st app submission until May due to the updates the cross-account join policy.
Could we switch to DM for further details? We would prefer to proceed with sharing additional information privately.


Thank you for reaching out in relation to Our Domain Validation process, the next steps will be sent to you via DM. Please refer to our domain validation resource: Domain Validation Explanation for any further questions you may have about the process.

Thank you.