Unauthorized request to Zoom webhook Sample error

HI, I was following the sample video used to verify authorization ( Verifying webhook events and validating endpoint URL)

And am recieving ‘Unauthorized request to Zoom Webhook sample’ . After console logging some information I see that my x-zm-signature from the header and the signature are not the same. Why is that? The code is the exact same as that of the video

Not going to be showing the whole signature but the above one is the signature, and the bottom line is the req.headers

v0=aac259eb97a215f2bed6… signature
v0=68d505cdf0a9d3ad1d94… req.headers

Hi @helpdesk3 , which video please? Please share.

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The forum does not let me insert links but its called Code with me - Verifying webhook events and validating endpoint URL by ZOOM on youtube

Its also the code on the github repo from zoom github.come/zoom/webhook-sample/blob/master/index.js (remove the extra e in the .com, had to add it since forum wont let me insert links)

Ahh I see @helpdesk3 , I need to take a look at the sample app.

Are you able to try with: GitHub - zoom/zoom-webhook-verification-headers: Custom Headers (Basic, Token and custom header) authorization & Zoom Webhook Validation with Express.js Server ?

Yes, I’ve tried these and am not getting any results. Is there any that is best for webhooks ? So is the video outdated? Thank you. Code with me - Verifying webhook events and validating endpoint URL (youtube.com)

Hi @helpdesk3 , what do you mean by this? What behavior are you seeing with that sample app?