Understanding the OAuth App rate limits


We’re in the process of getting our Marketplace OAuth app that helps users manage their users, meetings, etc.
We’re looking to understand the rate limits better.
We’re aware of the API rate limits described here. What we want to know is, if these rate limits are enforced as per the “OAuth app account RLs” or “the RLs of the user/account who is using this OAuth app”.

To understand better, say,

  1. Our Marketplace OAuth app (A) is approved & added by the user U1 (Pro) & user U2 (Business) into their Zoom account
  2. A is making API calls on behalf of U1 to manage U1’s users & meetings.
  3. A is making API calls on behalf of U2 to manage U2’s users & meetings.
  4. Both the actions 2 and 3 are concurrent

Whose rate limits would apply?

  • For (2), is it the rate limit of U1 (i.e. Pro rate limits) be applicable?
  • For (3), is it the rate limit of U2 (i.e. Business rate limits) be applicable?
  • Any any scenario, would the rate limits of A be applicable/enforced?
  • For (4), would these rate limits of U1 & U2 be independently applicable all the time?

Thanks in advance.

Any update on this question?

Hi @vishwasmdamle
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum, I am happy to help here!
Actually, the rate limits will be applied to the Users.
So if your app is making a call on behalf of User1, this call will account for User1’s rate limits.
The rame limit will vary depending on the license that each user has.

Hope this helps,

Hello Elisa,

Thanks for the response!
That means the rate limits of the respective clients will be applicable when the app is acting on their behalf on their accounts/users/meetings/etc.

Other than this, in any API, in any scenario does OAuth app owner’s rate limit (or any different kind of rate limit) gets applied?

Hey @vishwasmdamle
Correct, the rate limits will be applicable when the app is acting on behalf of the user.

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