User Managed ZOOM Marketplace app - App Instance

We are working towards submitting a User Managed OAuth ZOOM Marketplace app for our learning SaaS product. We would like to understand the following.

  • If a user adds a User Managed Oauth app from ZOOM Marketplace which was approved by his Administrator, are you going to create a specific instance for that user in ZOOM Marketplace and carry out the API calls or do you run through an existing submitted OAuth user managed app?

This is question is relevant to us because we need to understand how zoom manages the load when too many users use our OAuth User managed app from ZOOM Marketplace.

-Sai Anirudh

@sai11101989 Hope you will be fine.

:point_down: You need to manage the rate limit as per api request limits. Different REST API’s have different rate limits e.g LIGHT label 30 req/sec with Pro Plan & 80 req/sec Bus+.

For more please read limits here → Rate Limits.