Unicode, or even high characters don't work in zoom APIs

This has been complained of before (and just closed by Zoom staff). Your APIs don’t support any type of non-ascii characters. So, for doing things like creating attendee registrations, we’re unable to register people from a lot of countries which have non-ascii characters in their names. Never mind non-roman characters, you can’t even deal with simple ê (e-circumflex) gets munched.

When they join, they’re insulted that we botched their name. It reflects badly on us, and badly on Zoom. This is a discriminatory practice by Zoom, and you need to fix it.

You’re not a little company any more, Zoom. Please get with the times.

Hi @thardie ,

Thank you for your feedback and I hear your frustrations. There are a number of implementations our engineers are working on and ensuring that they’re executed well for the Zoom community. We would appreciate your formal feedback on our feature process here and you can make the request again in #feature-requests.


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