Unified Build Flow walkthrough

We recently released a new version of the build flow in December and have been getting questions from the developer community about the benefits of using this new feature.

The Unified Build Flow decreases the number of apps that you have to build to get functionality across Zoom products. Before, a developer would have to build a separate Zoom App, a webhook app, and a Meeting SDK app to complete the functionality of their product. With the new build flow now you can create ONE app and toggle webhook, Meeting SDK and Zoom App functionality with the click of a button.

This is made possible because of the Features section of the Unified Build Flow. Each feature corresponds to what would have been an app type under the old build flow:

  • The Access section maps to the webhook app type
  • The Surface section maps to the Zoom App app type
  • The Embed section maps to the SDK app types (Meeting, Contact Center, and Phone)

Look at this walkthrough where I explain the benefits of Unified Build Flow and this video from Developer Advocate Donte Small on how to create an app in UBF and start making requests via Postman.

We would love to hear any feedback that you have on this feature. So, I’m going to pin this and we’ll use this post as a collection point. Leave your thoughts and suggestions in the replies.


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