Unique meeting ID conditions



I’m working on an application which requires to create multiple Zoom meeting links, for different people. Currently when I create the zoom links using the API, some of the IDs generated are the same, so a person could have two different events in two different days with the same ID and that could generate problems. Is there a condition for zoom to guaranty generation of always a different ID? Like a different topic, or start_date, etc. I would like for this meetings to be recurring because the people are going to come in and out of the events across multiple days.

Thank you


Hi @marcos,

When you creating the zoom meetings are they recurring meetings with type 3/8 or are you creating the meetings with Scheduled with type 2?



Hi @Michael_Purnell they are been created as recurring meeting type 3, with settings use_pmi as false


Hi @marcos,

Thanks for providing us the info. What you could do is this.

  1. After you create your recurring meeting, you can take the occurrence_ID that you get from Retrieve a meeting API

  2. Then you can add the query parameter occurrence_ID to the update meeting API.

Hope this helps, let us know if you have any more questions!



This is great, how do I add new occurrence to an already existing meeting 3/8.
Do I first patch the recurrence and then update an occurrence, or is there a better way ?


Hi @k.krylov,

To add an additional occurrence to an existing meeting you will need to change either the endtimes or end_date_time property[0].

[0] - https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/api-reference/zoom-api/meetings/meetingupdate



Hi @Michael_Purnell Do I need to do something special to get the retrieved zoom link with the occurrences? I created a link of type 3, then retrieved and it didn’t have occurrences in the body of the response.

Also How do the occurrences id work, do they get updated automatically? do they get updated every time I retrieve? Are they guaranteed to be unique?

Thank you