Unset custom live streaming settings

When a user ends the custom live stream, we shut down the RTMP ingestion process on our end to save resources. However, if the user ends the stream before ending the meeting, they can then attempt to restart the stream using the existing custom live stream settings. This fails, leaving their client showing false “LIVE: Preparing…” indicator. We’d like a way to unset those live stream settings to prevent the user from getting in to this error state.

If we try to use https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/api-reference/zoom-api/meetings/meetinglivestreamupdate to unset the custom live stream settings by setting stream_url and stream_key to null or "", we get back an error from the API:

 %{"code" => 300, "errors" => [%{"field" => "stream_url", "message" => "Missing field."}, %{"field" => "stream_key", "message" => "Missing field."}], "message" => "Validation Failed."}

We’d like a way to unset the custom streaming settings on a meeting.