Unused header files

The current version of the ZoomSDK.framework includes ZoomSDKShareElement.h which appears to be dead. Its causing Xcode to throw warnings about it not being included in the umbrella header (which is isn’t, because its not used). The classes it defines are now defined in the ZoomSDKShareContainer.h.

This appears to be the case with zoom_sdk_raw_data_def.h but its less clear if there is a replacement or if one is even needed. Regardless, both are causing Xcode to throw umbrella header warnings and that needs to be cleaned up. We prefer to have our project treat all warnings as errors and having these dead files in the SDK prevents that.


Hi @stallent, thanks for the post.

Can you please provide the actual warnings so that we may look into this further?


Umbrella header for module ‘ZoomSDK’ does not include header ‘zoom_sdk_raw_data_def.h’


Umbrella header for module ‘ZoomSDK’ does not include header ‘ZoomSDKShareElement.h’

and fwiw its correct. those two files are not in the umbrella header

Hi @stallent, thanks for the additional information.

I am unable to produce these warnings locally using the latest SDK build. Which version of the SDK are you using?


Sorry for the delay. was on holiday. Weird, as we certainly are seeing it. I’ll try to figure out what we are doing differently in our project ot make it show and update you. Regardless, as i said, ZoomSDKShareElement.h is dead so it shouldn’t be in there anyway.

Hi @stallent, no worries on the delay. Hopefully you had a great holiday!

If possible, reproducing this in our sample app would greatly reduce the amount of time it would take for us to help resolve this issue. As it currently stands, we have not observed this warning in a fresh Xcode project or the sample app.


Will do. Like i said that class simply isn’t used even internally in your sdk so curious you think it should stay in the framework.

ok @jon.zoom i figured out what was different about your sample project and our project. There are two components.

  1. Your sample project simply doesn’t do the proper framework integration. You guys add the framework directly to the project’s “header search paths” like this:


and then do #import “ZoomSDK.h” in any file you need the classes.

This is wrong. There should be no header search path directly into the framework (or any framework). That needs to be deleted and then any #import should be done like #import <ZoomSDK/ZoomSDK.h>
You can modify the sample project to this and it works just like it should.

But… now to part 2.

Add a swift file to the project.

Now compile and you will get the compiler warnings i mentioned initially

Sorry it took me awhile take the time to debug what was wrong in your sample project to expose the incorrect framework structure.


Hi @stallent, thanks for the detailed response.

We will investigate this and get back to you as soon as we have an update or a solution.