Update Agent Presence Failing

Recently our updates to the agent presence starting failing, returning 400 Bad Request.

We are using this endpoint:


We were posting two pieces of data, duration and status. It was working, now the duration comes back “invalid field”.

Apologies, I’m no longer able to locate the documentation for this endpoint. Can someone please help?


To add to this issue, I’m only getting the eror when I set the status to “Busy”, or “Out_Of_Office”, and these are exact spellings of status events I receive through the webhook when I update from the Zoom app.

Hi @gschally ,

Here is the documentation: https://developers.zoom.us/docs/api/rest/reference/zoom-api/methods/#operation/updatePresenceStatus

Could it be that requests to update the endpoint were happening more than once per minute or is it failing regardless? A user’s status cannot be updated more than once per minute. For example, you can only submit a maximum of one update request per minute for a single user.

Talk soon.

Thanks! I see the documentation indicates these possible values for presence status:

  • Away
  • Do_Not_Disturb
  • Available
  • In_Calendar_Event
  • Presenting
  • In_A_Zoom_Meeting
  • On_A_Call

But in the Zoom client my customers are using, I see these status’s:

Do Not Disturb
Out of Office

What would account for “Away” and “Out of Office” not being allowed for update via API if they are valid options in the Zoom phone client?


Hi @gschally , Away is allowed depending on client version, but Out of Office is yet to be released:

Does that clear things up?

I’m just curious why the phone status’s aren’t matching with the API. For example, the phone allows “Busy”, but the API doesn’t. But thanks for your help.

Hi @gschally ,

I totally understand! At this time, it doesn’t match up one-to-one. There are certain things that are not always available to implement programatically.