Update an occurrence of a meeting via API's

I’m trying to update a start time of a meeting occurrence using update meeting API (PATCH). API response with status 204 yet occurrence is not getting update.

API - https://api.zoom.us/v2/meetings/89090907673?occurrence_id=‘1684678500000’

Request Body -

“start_time”: “2023-05-02T14:20:00Z”,
“duration”: 15,
“timezone”: null

Would you mind telling me if I’m missing anything?

Hi there, thanks for reaching out to us!
I tried to replicate this issue on my end and I was able to update the start_time and duration of a meeting.
Can you please make sure to pass the occurrence id without quotes in your request URL

Your request should look like this:


@elisa.zoom now it does work. Previously I was trying without quotations too. Anyhow other thing is once we edit an occurrences registrants are not getting an email regarding the change made to the occurrence is that the normal behavior?

I believe this would be the expected behavior @malinda.p

Would you mind confirming it to me. Actually i want to know that an email is sent out to the registrants when a change is done in an occurrence. Currently an email is not sent out.

Hey @malinda.p
I did some testing on my end and updating the occurrence does not send an email to the registrant