Update `host_id` property to reflect the host of the meeting as opposed to the creator of the meeting

I am raising this feature request as per: Clarification on the "host_id" property of meeting.ended webhooks - #2 by gianni.zoom

Currently, there is a host_id property present in webhooks (and perhaps the Zoom APIs too).

According to the link above, the value of this property is the ID of the user who created the meeting.

I think this is misleading because judging by the property name, I would have expected the value of the property to be the ID of the person who is the host of the meeting.
This could be the creator. It could also be a co-host or alternative host if the creator never joined. It could be another participant who was assigned host privileges when the original host left the meeting. Etc.

The feature request here is to change the semantics of the host_id property in Zoom’s API and webhooks so that it reflects the host of the meeting as opposed to simply the creator of the meeting.