Clarification on the "host_id" property of meeting.ended webhooks

The documentation states that this property is “The meeting host’s user ID.”.

Is it possible for this property to be one of the alternative hosts?

So for example, let’s say I schedule a Zoom meeting and invite three people and make one of them an alternative host.

Now let’s say I never join the meeting. The alternative host starts and ends the meeting. Will the host_id property be my ID or the alternative host’s ID?

If it’s still my ID eventhough I never joined the meeting, is there any way for me to know how actually hosted the meeting via the meeting.ended webhook?

Thank you.

Hi @ogen.odisho_zp ,

The host_id will reflect the user who created the meeting as opposed to alternative host. This is by design and you are not able to get alternative host info via this webhook.

Please suggest this addition as a #feature-requests :slight_smile: