Update registrant status API still not working

‘Update meeting registrant status’ API returns 204 response code, but does not update registrant status

Calls to ‘Update meeting registrant status’ API to approve a meeting registrant with a valid registrant id and email address are being responded to affirmatively, but leaving the registrant in a pending status.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Create a meeting on a paid Zoom account with attendee registration set to require manual approval
  2. Register an attendee via ‘Add Meeting Registrant’ API
  3. Approve the returned registrant via ‘Update meeting registrant status’ API

Screenshots (If applicable)

Additional context
Example meeting with this problem is 83477249739

This problem seems to be a recurring theme - there are multiple other similar reports within the past few months, none of which have progressed to a resolution.


I have observed this on two separate meetings today and it happens consistently for me at present. This was working fine for me previously but now appears to be broken.

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+1 This is critical and should be fixed ASAP.

Hey @sylvaint @johnrix,

Thanks for raising this with us. We’re looking into this (ZOOM-218293).


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Hi @johnrix,

Since the Meeting with ID 83477249739 is a recurring meeting, you will need to pass the occurrence ID in the request. Please see my post here:


Aha, thanks @will.zoom, that did solve it (I added the ‘occurrence_ids’ query parameter to the ‘Add Meeting Registrant’ call, and ‘occurrence_id’ (note the subtle difference there for anybody else reading this), to the ‘Update Meeting Registrant Status’ call.

Just for clarification, if I did not include the occurrence_ids parameter in the ‘add’ call, does that essentially imply registration for any/all sessions, with the approval request then indicating which occurrence has been allowed?

Also, on a general note, the fact that two of us encountered this in the one day would suggest either a documentation update, or better yet an improved API response, would be of value here. Specifically, if the meeting is a recurring meeting, but no occurrence_id is supplied in the ‘update’ request, an informative error message should be returned, rather than just a 204 response with no corresponding update having been applied.

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Hey @johnrix,

Thanks for confirming, and I think this is fair feedback—you make a great point. We will work on improving our messaging here.

In regards to if you do not pass the occurrence ID, that’s correct—this would need to be for a meeting where registration_type is 1 (register one and attend all occurrences).


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