Update Webinar HD settings : Enable HD video for attendees

while I was looking for the api for updating webinar , I noticed the api only updates : the screen sharing not Enable HD video for attendees nor Always send 1080p video to attendees

this api in place:

Hi @basma.A.

Thanks for reaching out! Just to make sure I’m understanding correctly, is your question in regards to this setting under our Update Webinar endpoint?

Is it possible to provide a few more details around your question so that I can further assist?

Thank you,

Hi @will.zoom ,

When using the above :


it only control “Enable HD video for screen shared video” but not the other options listed below

Screen Shot 2021-02-16 at 2.57.21 PM

Hi @basma.A,

If you’re using a Webinar, I believe this would be expected, as attendees do not share their video in a webinar. Do you experience the same behavior for meetings?


Hi @will.zoom

these options are available in webinars ( at least in the GUI ) . but I can enable them using the api.

what about the other option : Always send 1080p video to attendees.

Hi @basma.A,

Ah, I see! Thank you for clarifying. At this time, I do believe this is a limitation of the API vs the GUI. However, I’m working on confirming this for you, and I will follow up with you here shortly. (ZOOM-247914)


Thank you @will.zoom please keep me posted

No problem, I will follow up here as soon as I have an update! :slight_smile:

Hi @will.zoom ,

This is Abdul Aziz, a partner to @basma.A .
Just checking on the latest updates on this API limitation.

Please keep us posted on this, thank you.

Hey @Abdul.Aziz,

We don’t have any new information for you just yet but we’ll be sure to keep you posted as the issue progresses. In the meantime, please see our changelog in order to stay up-to-date with the latest features and fixes.


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