Webinar Attendees do not see speaker's video during screen sharing

We have the WebSDK working correctly embedded on our site, but are running into an issue with the webinar attendee’s view. When a speaker is sharing their screen, the attendees only see the shared screen, no picture-in-picture of the person speaking. It does work correctly in the full Zoom client both native Windows App and the Zoom Web Client, but not the embedded WebSDK client.

Web SDK 1.9.1



  • Device: All Web Clients
  • Browser: Chrome, FireFox
  • Browser Version: All current versions

Hey @mhaymore,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. I see that you’ve submitted a ticket for this, I’ll follow up with you there.

In the meantime, these historical forum posts may help:


yes, please waiting 1.9.5 release.