Updating a meeting sends emails to meeting registrants

I have created a meeting (via the API) and before adding any registrants to the meeting i update the meeting and set registrants_confirmation_email to false. Then I add registrants to the meeting. Then if i update the details of the meeting, zoom sends a email notification to all registrants. Is there a way to stop this notification mail from being sent by zoom?

Which Endpoint/s?
[patch] /meetings/{meetingId}

Additional context
We are prototyping a knowledge sharing web service where people can schedule and join meetings. For this we thought of using zoom to provide the audio/ video conferencing solution. But meeting notifications must always be sent from our system to the end users.

Hey @vishvaka, thanks for posting and using Zoom!

The registrants_confirmation_email only disables the confirmation email after the registrant registers.

Unfortunately at this time there is no way of disabling the meeting updated notification.

Keep an eye on our releases here to see when we build this feature.