Disabling meeting emails for particular attendee

API Endpoint(s) and/or Zoom API Event(s)

POST /users/{userId}/meetings
POST /meetings/{meetingId}/registrants

In our app (Ruby) we schedule Zoom meetings via POST /users/{userId}/meetings
Right after creating a meetinga we add on attendees via POST /meetings/{meetingId}/registrants

Sometimes we need to disable all zoom email notifications for a meeting. We are doing so by putting those params to a meeting creation body:

registrants_confirmation_email: false,
registrants_email_notification: false

Now we need to disable emails only for one particular attendee, but the others should still receive all emails. I haven’t found an option in the API to do so. Is that possible? Thank you!

Hi @olya.feral ,

Sorry this isn’t possible unless you create the meeting with with those settings, register that singular participant, PATCH the meeting to allow email confirmation and then invite the rest of the participants.

If I do so, this first user won’t ever receive any emails, even if I enable notifications in meeting settings afterwards?

@olya.feral , they will only not receive initial meeting invite email since they will be auto registered. But if you have reminder emails, etc., they will receive those after performing the PATCH request on the meeting details.

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