Upgrading SDK version and switching from JWT app to Server-To-Server OAuth

@vishwajeetbhosale I see now that there is a difference between webinar and meeting, I do not have zak property when join a webinar, so I’m not sure what is the problem on your side, but maybe this can help:

I just saw that ZAK is required for webinars as well, so it is not the difference at the end.

@nikola.sajic Thanks for sharing the link, I was checking the same.

I’m calling correct one end point for ZAK token.

I’ll check full flow with proper values one more time if I’m missing something there, because it looks same at my end as well what you mentioned.

From where you get code to generate the signature, in C#?


@vishwajeetbhosale yes, C#, .Net 6

If you want, you can share your complete code from the backend service and I’ll check it.

@nikola.sajic, Have you put below link means Redirect URL for OAuth & Allow urls as blank for Meeting SDK, in production?

@vishwajeetbhosale I left these two fields empty.

On the last tab, you get two warnings, but you can ignore them:

@nikola.sajic, On Production it self?

@vishwajeetbhosale , yes, on production as well.
Have a look at @chunsiong.tan comment. So if you will not publish your SDK app on Zoom market, these fields can be empty. That is how I understood that.

@nikola.sajic Thanks for response and I’m able to generate the signature, Thanks again.

One more question @nikola.sajic & @chunsiong.tan
As JWT App is in production/live and if I added Meeting SDK & S2S APP there will it impact existing JWT APP & it’s functionality?
As per zoom team in one of my support ticket response It will have impact on JWT APP!, as you have running example so @nikola.sajic you can give clear answer.

@nikola.sajic do you have JWT and SDK, S2S all three running fine in Production/live environment?

@vishwajeetbhosale , you are welcome.

Since you can use either JWT app or S2S OAuth & Meeting SDK types, for creating and join webinars/meetings, we do not have both running simultaneously. We have changed all app’s credentials (Client ID, Client Secret, Secret token…), and it led to Api key and Api secret of JWT app become unnecessary. Based on that, JWT app had to stop to work and S2S OAuth & Meeting SDK replaced it.

Just to add one more thing. If you have JWT app and want to create S2S OAuth and Meeting SDK apps, they will not have impact on JWT app. These three types of apps are totally independent. Only when you switch in the code from one app type to another one, then it has impact.

@chunsiong.tan could you confirm if this is correct?

@nikola.sajic got it, thanks for detailed explanation.

@vishwajeetbhosale @nikola.sajic

Please stop using JWT App Type and migrate to Server to Server Oauth App before 1st Sep.
JWT App Type will stop working on 1st Sep.

Adding Meeting SDK and S2S App Type will not affect existing JWT App Typ.
But you will need to rewrite your existing application using JWT App Type credentials, and to switch over to S2S App Type credentials.

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To open the SDK Manager from Android Studio, click Tools > SDK Manager or click SDK Manager on the toolbar. If you don’t use Android Studio, you can download tools using the sdkmanager command-line tool. When an update is available for a package you already have, a dash appears in the checkbox next to the package.