URGENT HELP . Is user creation possible on a meeting

So I have a licensed account on Zoom so I can host a meeting, but my client has a change of heart and they want to allow other people to host the meeting. . The issue here is that most of their users are super whiners, so I added that before they can sign up for our web app, they need a Zoom account, but they complained and said, Why they need to do it if they already using the webapp?.So is it possible that the user who registered for the web app can have a Zoom account using meeting sdk and create or host their own meeting on the web app

@enricke could you paraphrase?

Will be good if you walk thru the user story

As a user they can register thru our system and then they can host meeting.

@enricke sorry I don’t understand whats the question here.

Is it possible to host multiple 20 -100 meeting a day at the same time with only one licensed account


If you are trying to share account with other users using the same 1 license? No.

so is this possible evertime a USER register to our app i create them a zoom account with basic license using API ( Is there one? ) then buy a pro license to those account will this account be under my account? and also do i need to create each use account a app on app market for meeting sdk?

Hi thanks for helping i fixed my issue