Can I join a meeting created under another account with the Meeting SDK?

We would like to realise the following use case and would like to check if it is possible.

  1. create a Zoom meeting under a different account
  2. join the created meeting using your SDK’s SECRET information

It may be similar to the ticket below, but we would like to know if the situation is still the same today.

Hi, @takagi.305216,

Addendum Below

Thank you for posting in the Developer Forum. As shared in that post, “the Web SDK only supports hosting meetings that were created on your account. Unfortunately, there isn’t a method to get around this currently.” Therefore is no way to create a Zoom meeting under a different account . Have you considered any alternative workflows which involve creating meetings from your account?


I wanted to circle back to update this post. Leveraging OAuth, you can get a Zoom Access Token (ZAK) and start external user’s meetings on their behalf with the Web Meeting SDK. This functionality/workflow was introduced in Web Meeting SDK 2.3.5. Here our help documentation on this topic for reference:

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