URL Scheme and Personal Link Names


I’m trying to write a convenience tool that joins a meeting given either a conference ID or a Personal Link Name, identically to how the zoom.us macOS app works via the “Join” dialog. I’d greatly prefer to use the Zoom URL Scheme instead of the https URL. For example, given a user’s personal link like:


I’m trying to construct the equivalent zoommtg URL. But zoommtg only works when the confno URL parameter is a ten-digit numerical ID, not a text personal link name. This doesn’t work:


Is there either a way to invoke the zoommtg URL with a personal link name, or else a way (e.g. Rest API) to look up the ten-digit ID given a personal link name?

Which version?
macOS 4.6.3

To Reproduce

In Terminal, run the following command, replacing “some.user” with a valid personal link name:

open 'zoommtg://zoom.us/join?confno=some.user'

Hey @john.whitley, thanks for posting and using Zoom!

Unfortunately using personal link names is not supported with the URL scheme.

You can look up a users personal meeting number by passing in the userID or email to the Get a User endpoint.

Are you using OAuth in this flow at all? If so you can get a users meeting ID by using their access_token and passing in me as the user id.

May I ask how you are getting the personal link names?